Digital X-rays


With digital x-rays, radiation exposure time is about 90 percent less when compared to traditional film x-rays.  Digital x-rays are also much larger and easier to read.  Adjustments of contrast and sharpness can be made to better locate the canals and pathology.  

Operating Microscope


The use of the operating microscope allows Dr. Glenn to perform procedures with greater accuracy because the treatment area is magnified. The microscope's superior illumination and magnification up to 12X has made the greatest impact on visualization of the inside of the tooth.  Fourth canals are now routinely being located and completely debrided in virtually all molars, thus increasing the long-term success rate with root canal therapy.


Electric Drills


At Mountain West Endodontics, we use electric handpieces that are much quieter than traditional dental drills. If the whine of the dental drill offends your senses, electric handpieces will place your mind at ease. Electric handpieces also perform more smoothly, resulting in precise location of the canals and will be smoother and more comfortable as well. With a more precise tool, there is less vibration and less noise.


Ultrasonic Tips


The use of tiny ultrasonic tips allows Dr. Glenn to remove small amounts of tooth structure while accessing canals.  This allows him to access and clean even the smallest canals that might otherwise be missed when using only a dental drill.

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